Hand painted miniatures.

Native flowers, leaves and fruits from India, RDC, Burkina Faso and Nicaragua,
representing four journeys undertaken by the person who commissioned the artwork,
as an immersive map of over 70 botanical species portrayed after a peculiar study.

Liquitex heavy body acrylic on wood.

Original size : 60 cm x 80 cm
A single fruit is on average 4 cm wide

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An artwork's portion.

Aubergine, India.
Curcuma, India.
Tabernanthe Iboga, RDC.
Mormodica, RDC.
Annona Squamosa, Burkina Faso.
Ackee, Burkina Faso.
Bombax Costatum, Burkina Faso
White Sapote, Nicaragua.
Heliconia Rostrata, Nicaragua.

Are just a bunch of the over 70 hand painted species.

"Verzura" is a reminiscence of Raffaello's astonishing fruits decoration in Villa Farnese in Rome.

Some of  the species
Lemon, Hippeastrum Minerva, Paniala, Curcuma, Jocote, Guanabana, Ochna Leptoclada,
Averrhoa Carambola (Starfruit), Marañon, Pithaya, Ananas, Coccinia, Ntindolo, Mango, Cacao, Gloriosa Lindenii.

From up left to right
Maesobotrya bertramiana, Livistona rotundifolia, White Sapote, Strophanthus welwitschii, Pouteria sapota, Watsonia Amatolae, Malombo, Gloriosa Superba, Pithaya (unripe), Okra.

Click HERE to download the full list of native species represented in the artwork.

short video of “Making of Verzura”
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