Helwa and Avò
(formerly Little Red Riding Hood Reinterpetation)

Both of artworks were made for "Notte di Fiaba Illustration Contest" by Orecchio Acerbo Editore.

The contest’s tale text originally storytell that Little Red Riding Hood met the wolf when he was just a puppy while she was just a little baby too, since then they started to be friends.


In my personal reinterpretation Little Red Riding Hood name is  Helwa (Beautiful in Arabic)
and she has both Arab and Imazighen origins.


Helwa’s grandma (Avò means grandma in Portuguese)
is sewing the wolf's belly after the hunter knocked him out!
In my personal intrepretation her grandmother is from Bahia and she’s wearing a traditional white Candomblé dress.

Luminance Caran D'Ache Pencils on Paper Fabriano F4.

Actual Size : 19 x 28 cm  /  7.4 x 11 inches