Helwa and Avò

Both artworks were formerly conceived for a personal re-interpetation of Little Red Riding Hood -  Notte di Fiaba Illustration Contest by Orecchio Acerbo Editore.

The contest tale’s version  story told of when Little Red Riding Hood met the wolf when he was just a puppy while she was also just a child, since then they started to be friends.

My former idea was to depict a transcultural family inserted in a European classic tale,each character would have been characterized by a precise anthopological study on clothing, hairstyle, gestures and cultural references.


In my personal re-interpretation Little Red Riding Hood’s name is  Helwa - beautiful, sweet, lovely in Arabic
as she has both Arab and Imazighen origins.


Helwa’s grandma - Avò means grandma in Portuguese
is sewing the wolf's belly after the hunter knocked him out!
In my personal intrepretation grandmother is from Bahia
and she’s wearing a traditional white Candomblé laced dress.

Luminance Caran D'Ache Pencils on Paper Fabriano F4.

Actual Size : 19 x 28 cm  /  7.4 x 11 inches