Los Globos Artivistas

translated into The Artivist Balloons (neologism that combines the words Art + Activism)

The concept behind Los Globos Artivistas is to bring a sense of curiosity and unhingement
through the language of celebration and fiestas mixed with a political punch,
through a public installation.
It’s a performative project in constant movement,
the whole installation is oftenly hand carried by groups of people during major social events in town
like demonstrations and Anniversaries of the Liberation.
If there will be an insurrection, I wish for a happy and festive one.

Los Globos Artivistas zine
is part of the permanent collection at
The Library of Congress in Washington DC

Los Globos Artivistas
A series of flying balloons operating as street installations for resistance

World Freedom Get Well Soon
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Happy Rebellion
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Palestina in Ognuno di Noi
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The first action World Freedons Get Well Soon
has been documented in a current sold out zine
“Los Globos Artivistas”
published by Homie House Press  ( US / ITA )

Here you can still get your digital copy

A new and implemented reissue is planned for the next future