Avò and Helwa


Little Red Riding Hood personal re-interpretation made on the occasion of the Notte di Fiaba Illustration contest organized by Orecchio Acerbo Editore.
Both characters have been revisited through a cross-cultural lens, imagining to immerse them in a non-traditional European folk tale setting.

The contest tale originally storytell Little Red Riding Hood met the wolf when they were just a baby and a puppet and since then they started to be friends.
In my personal reinterpretation the main charachter is played by a an Amazigh little girl.
Barefoot, she’s approaching the little puppy wolf, timidly trying to touch his nose, where he’s standing on an empty market box. 

Little Red Riding Hood's grandmother is embroidering the wolf's belly after the hunter knocked him out!
In my personal intrepretation grandmother is from Bahia and she wears a traditional white Candomblé dress.

Hand Drawn with Luminance Caran D'Ache Pencils on Fabriano Paper

Actual Size : 19 x 28 cm / 7.4 x 11 inches