2017 - ongoing

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Pencils on Paper and Digital Manipulation.

Surveillance Kawaii is an artwork coinceived to be developed as a textile pattern design to be worn through a variety of different clothing garments.

Surveillance Kawaii’s conceals/reveals secret camouflaged messages hidden in plain sight : a fairy-tale allegory on the mass surveillance's defeat.

The pattern design embed a QR-code printed on fabric which allow the contents to travels publicly, when passersby scan the code, they can read the story enclosed in the pattern.

Therefore in Surveillance Kawaii apparel plays an unconventional role : it becomes a bearer of knowledge.

Surveillance Kawaii plays on the ambiguous and disturbing imbalances of our contemporary mass surveilled society, paradoxically combined with childish, playful and innocent aesthetic of a promiment aspect belonging to the culture of cuteness, the Japanese Kawaii.

The result is an ironic, ornamental and alienating scenario, amongst Renaissance aesthetics and joyful and glowing colors, symbols are glimpsing : biometric facial recognition diagram, the Panopticon map, a shattered Prism and memes related to the Internet censorship topic and social control.

Surveillance Kawaii exhibits and underlines the normalization of the mass surveillance’s culture, the social disciplinary security disguised by pastel colors and fancy decorations.

The project aims to spread informations about the theme of surveillance and censorship but at the same time it eludes and deceives them subverting the usual and daily usefulness of clothes.

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Surveillance Kawaii
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