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Corriere Della Sera
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My artworks are giving me the chance to learn histories, alphabets, habits, social practices 
and through this research
I aim to discover the different sensitivities and intuitions humans are able to experience.
In my work each detail become important to me and for the drawing itself,
as each detail’s existence is a reflection of an attitude and it expresses a way of thinking,
a way of seeing the world.
In a broad sense - from Punk to Wayuu traditions, from T’nalak weaving to Anarchism - all cultural expressions take inspiration from other cultures, and
the presence of all of them is capable to improve life as an individual and as a collective.
They help us to make sense of what we are surrounded by.
By celebrating them together I celebrate the power and the unexpected of human eclecticism.
I employ a large amount of time to research, to study and finally to draw.

Drawing, Dreams, Artivism, Alphabets, Textiles and Fabrics,
Transculturalism, Kommunikationsguerilla, Mass Surveillance,
Rinascimento and Barocco.


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Guerrilla - Communication
by Autonome A.F.R.I.K.A. Gruppe, Luther Blissett and Sonja Brünzels

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