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Hand-drawing is an access point to learn and discover. Social practices, habits, stories and enigmas. Through my research I aim to discover the different sensitivities and intuitions humans are able to experience, across continents and centuries.
I strive to celebrate the unexpected.

In a broad sense - from Cyberpunk to Wayuu traditions, from T’nalak weaving to Anarchism -
every cultural expressions take inspiration from others, intersectionality and reciprocity strengthen the sense of culture itself and improve life as individual as much as a collective.

Each detail I represent aims to create bizarre combinations.
Culture of Dreaming, Alphabets,  Transculturalism, Mass Surveillance,
Pranksterism, Artivism,
Das Unheimliche, Weird and Eerie,
Rinascimento and Barocco.


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“Guerrilla - Communication”
by Autonome A.F.R.I.K.A. Gruppe, Luther Blissett and Sonja Brünzels

The most radical literature about unconventional activism and art
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A very insignificant aside :
it may happens to ask how come my website is named xxx.persona.co,
when you can have your own .com domain.
I can afford an upgrade but I do really like to remember to people and to myself that I am a persona, a being, not a corporation or a company’s CEO
and behind all of this, there’s just me.

Plus it gives a touch of Ingmar Bergman too.