Site specific installation commissioned by
Fondazione Giangiacomo Feltrinelli
in occasion of the annual Voices & Borders Festival

from 3rd to 6th July 2019

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Happy Rebelllion expresses a wish for a prompt rebellion.

Happy Rebellion should be sung with the same momentum as a “Happy Birthday” or a “Merry Christmas”.

The festive context does not differ from the usual socially imposed celebrations,
but the purpose changes.

If language gives substance to our thoughts and words shape our desires and the way we think,
then we can invent a word to be introduced into our daily lexicon and our daily habits :
Happy Rebellion arises from the assumption that when the word is missing, reality is missing.

When we dedicate time for partying, its physical preparation and spiritual identification allows us to experience that specific occasion as a suspended moment that breaks into daily life.

Why shall we not introduce Happy Rebellion as celebratory ritual?

Why can't we dedicate a festive moment to encourage
or affirm a personal or collective change?

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During Voices & Borders Festival, the aesthetic of my balloon-themed series  
Los Globos Artivistas
has been “corrupted” and multiplied into 500 biodegradable colorful latex balloons.

Halfway between the corporate gadget and the fast food balloon-gift
the Happy Rebellion balloons disguises
a serious political engagement in the shape of a noisy kaleidoscope-colored form of protest.

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Set them free.
During the closing day of Voices & Borders Festival all the balloons were given away to the audience.

and people passing by

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The playful side of the installation

Photos Courtesy of Caterina Ragg

Making of Happy Rebellion